UW Interactive Data Lab
Sanjay Kairam, Jofish Kaye, John Guerra-Gomez, David A. Shamma
Distribution of aesthetics scores for photos shared with each permission setting. We observe that the distribution of Public photos is shifted towards higher aesthetics scores than Private or Selective.
Participants in social media systems must balance many considerations when choosing what to share and with whom. Sharing with others invites certain risks, as well as potential benefits; achieving the right balance is even more critical when sharing photos, which can be particularly engaging, but potentially compromising. In this paper, we examine photo-sharing decisions as an interaction between high-level user preferences and specific features of the images being shared. Our analysis combines insights from a 96-user survey with metadata from 10.4M photos to develop a model integrating these perspectives to predict permissions settings for uploaded photos. We discuss implications, including how such a model can be applied to provide online sharing experiences that are more safe, more scalable, and more satisfying.
Sanjay Kairam, Jofish Kaye, John Guerra-Gomez, David A. Shamma
ACM Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI), 2016